Al-Hindawi confirms the distribution of 13 million biometric cards

  • 15-11-2020, 13:36
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    Baghdad - INA

    Prime Minister’s advisor for Elections Affairs, Abdul-Hussein Al-Hindawi, revealed today, Sunday, the distribution of 13 million biometric cards and 3 million are under distribution, stressing that voting in the elections will depend exclusively on the biometric card.

    Al-Hindawi said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The biometric card is exists the law, and about the past two months there was a meeting of the political blocs, in which they emphasized the importance of adopting biometrics cards exclusively in voting in the upcoming elections."

    He added, "The commission's work is continuing in this direction, and there are more than 63 percent of the long-term biometric card for voters ready, as nearly 13 million have been distributed, and 3 million are in the process of distribution."

    He pointed out that "the commission is in the process of distributing the remainder of it, as well as completing the voters who have not yet registered in the biometric system.”

    He stressed that "there are agreements with the relevant companies, as well as the existence of all plans, so that the commission is ready before the next elections."

    He explained, "The short-term card has been withdrawn, as the approval of the long-term biometric card is supposed to be exclusive in the upcoming elections."

    Al-Hindawi stated, "The voter who has updated his electoral record, the Commission will deliver the card to him by various methods, whether by mail or other mechanisms taken to deliver it to the voter."