Parliament Presidency submits the case request on the suicide case of the director of Daewoo

  • 9-10-2020, 12:51
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    Baghdad - INA


     On Friday, the First Deputy Speaker, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, submitted a request to the government and the concerned authorities in Basra to conduct a serious and urgent investigation and uncover the circumstances of the suicide incident of the Executive Director of the Korean "Daewoo" company, which implemented the large port of Faw in Basra Governorate.

     Al-Kaabi said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “What raises our surprise is that the suicide case of the director of the company came after the official announcement of the Ministry of Transport a few days ago about the imminent signing of the contract for the first phase of the large port of Faw with this Korean company and the completion of reaching the final version.  For implementation, "condoling at the same time" the government and people of friendly South Korea and its embassy in Baghdad over this very unfortunate incident. "

     The First Vice President of the Council described "this incident as grave, especially as it is related to the necessity to provide all security aspects for all investors inside the country, in addition to the economic specificity found in the construction of the large Faw port and the need to speed up its completion with the specifications that the sons of this honorable people in general and the people of Basra aspire to."  Honorable people and specialists in particular, making it a major economic and investment interface for the country. "