IRSRA: The Formation of a committee to start building nuclear reactors for research purposes

  • 24-09-2020, 17:56
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    Baghdad - INA


     The Iraqi Authority for the Control of Radioactive Sources revealed, today, Thursday, the formation of a committee, by order of presidential court, to start building nuclear reactors for research purposes, confirming that there is an international desire to help Iraq regain its nuclear status.

     The head of the authority, Kamal Hussein Latif, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi is aware of the importance of the atomic energy file by presenting it in his recent meetings with the French side, and forming a committee with a presidential court order to start building the reactors."

     An international desire to restore Iraq's scientific status

     He added, "Iraq is looking forward to restoring its nuclear scientific position, which it occupied in the 1970s and 1980s, as confirmed by the desire of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the Security Council resolution supporting the project for Iraq's resurgence in the nuclear field and its beneficial peaceful applications."


     Development and production of various industries

     He stressed, "The construction of nuclear reactors will contribute to the production of medical isotopes and pharmaceuticals, in addition to developing various agricultural and industrial applications, such as seed irradiation and biological control of insects, as well as the production of radioactive isotopes in various industrial applications, and in coalition testing applications, as there are 20 substances."  Nuclear, this type of reactor could produce it. "


     Iraq needs to the reactor

     He pointed out that "Iraq needs to build a nuclear reactor for research purposes with a capacity of 10 mica, as well as the possibility of building an investment hospital for nuclear medicine, close to the reactor." It is likely that "construction of such a reactor will continue for about 5 years."

     Its positive results

     He explained, "This project will contribute to training Iraqi staff to work in nuclear reactors, as well as the accumulation of experience they have, which will enable them to operate power reactors in the future, as Iraq must move towards producing electricity with nuclear energy and reducing the burning of petroleum fuel (fossil),  That does not own any other as the main material for export. "

     He added, saying: "At the beginning of 2030, nearly half of the Iraqi oil product will be burned to produce electricity, when the rate of demand reaches 42 kW of electric power."

     A previous proposal was not implemented

     He pointed out that "he submitted a proposal to the government ministerial energy committee in 2009, to build three power reactors, which were supposed to be completed in 2019, to effectively cover half of the demand on demand."

     He continued, "If it had started building the reactors at that time, Iraq would have now not suffered from a scarcity of electricity production, as well as exporting more oil instead of burning it."

      He stated, "The nuclear file is a national file of utmost importance, and a great priority that can benefit the future of Iraq and its generations."