Health: 197 new cases tested positive for COVID-19

Sunday 24th May 2020 - 20:52

Health: 197 new cases tested positive for COVID-19

INA – Baghdad

Ministry of Health and Environment announced the 197 new cases of Coronavirus on Sunday.

The ministry stated that the daily epidemiological situation of registered infections with the Coronavirus emerging in Iraq, that it had tested 6503 so far in all specialized labs in Iraq, thus bringing the total number of tested cases since the beginning of the pandemic in Iraq reached 188685.

The 197 cases in Iraq distributed as follows, in Baghdad / Rusafa: 71, Baghdad / Karkh: 63, Medical City: 6, Basra: 5, Sulaymaniyah: 8, Erbil: 8, Duhok: 6 , Diyala: 1, Karbala: 18, Diwaniyah: 3, Maysan: 1, Babil: 1, Dhi Qar: 4, Salahuddin: 2.

The number of recovery cases recorded 153, distributed over the areas of Baghdad / Rusafa: 21, Baghdad / Karkh: 16, Basra: 77, Maysan: 17, Wasit: 4, Sulaimaniyah: 17, Erbil: 1.

The statement included that the ministry recorded 8 death cases; two of them in Baghdad / Rusafa, two in Baghdad / Karkh, 3 cases in Medical City, and one in Wasit.

The total number of recorded cases of the virus reached 4469, the total number of recoveries reached 2738, the total number of deaths: 160 and the total number of cases under treatment: 1571.