Health: 308 new cases tested positive for COVID-19

Saturday 23rd May 2020 - 20:17

Health: 308 new cases tested positive for COVID-19

 INA - Baghdad

Iraqi Ministry of Health announced the 308 new cases of COVID-19 and the recovery of 53 cases in Iraq.

Around 6352 were tested in the specialized labs in Iraq for Saturday, and thus the total sum of the tested cases since the beginning of the pandemic in Iraq reached 182182, according to a statement by the Ministry and recieved Iraqi News Agency INA.

The statement included that the 308 cases were as follows:

Baghdad / Rusafa: 179

Baghdad / Karkh: 94

Medical City: 1

Basra: 6

Najaf: 1

Sulaymaniyah: 7

Erbil: 1

Duhok: 1

Diyala: 3

Karbala: 3

Muthanna: 5

Wasit: 6

Salah al-Din: 1

The statement also included that the recorded cases of recovery reached 53 cases, as follows:

Baghdad / Rusafa: 7

Baghdad / Karkh: 25

Basra: 14

Babylon: 1

Diyala: 6

And, the death cases recorded for today were 5 and as follows:

3 cases in Baghdad / Rusafa

Two cases in the Medical City

The statement continued, "The total cases is 4,272, the total deaths: 152, the total number of recovery cases: 2585, and the total cases under treatment: 1535"