The Victory Coalition: Zurfi's fortunes have become few

Wednesday 08th April 2020 - 18:54

The Victory Coalition: Zurfi's fortunes have become few

Baghdad - INA


 The Al-Nasr coalition recognized the difficulty of giving confidence to the Al-Zurfi government after announcing the position of Kurdish and Sunni forces in support of Mustafa Al-Kadhmi's candidacy.

 "After the position of the Shiite political forces rejecting al-Zurfi, as a mandated prime minister, in addition to the Union of Sunni and Kurdish forces, his chances of appointing the prime minister have become difficult," said coalition deputy Abdul Abbas al-Shaya, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

 He added that "Al-Zurfi has an opportunity until the 16th of this month, as it is the constitutional period that was granted to him, after he was constitutionally and legally mandated by the President of the Republic, and during this period he can have dialogue with the rest of the blocs to give him confidence, stressing that Al-Zurfi requested a session to vote on  His government, and thus it is left to Parliament to grant him confidence or not, democratically and constitutionally. "