Ministerial cabinet is almost complete

Saturday 04th April 2020 - 15:48

Ministerial cabinet is almost complete

Baghdad - INA


 The victory coalition confirmed the existence of a consensus and a numerical majority to pass the ministerial cabinet headed by Adnan Al-Zurfi.

 The deputy of the coalition, Faleh Al-Ziyadi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Most of the government formation is complete, and there is consensus and clear numerical majority, through which the government can pass in the parliament," stressing that there are successful and continuous negotiations at the level of most political blocs.

 He added that "there are negotiations going on at a positive side, and the results of those negotiations," pointing out that " there is great consensus entered the House of Representatives to pass the Zurfi government."

 Al-Ziyadi indicated that "the general form of the government is almost complete."

 The Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zurfi, announced yesterday, Friday, his intention to present his government program today, Saturday, while stressing that he did not apologize for the task of tasking with forming the government.

 Al-Zurfi said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that he was charged with forming the government constitutionally, pointing out that his consultations are continuing until the completion of the ministerial cabinet and presenting it to Parliament.

 Al-Zurfi confirmed his intention to present the government program today, Saturday, with an official request to the Speaker of Parliament, to hold a session of confidence, indicating that he will form a national government that derives its legitimacy from the Iraqi parliament after consulting with the parliamentary blocs in a way that meets the demands of the Iraqi street.