MOT: We have strategic stocks of food

Monday 09th March 2020 - 13:24

MOT: We have strategic stocks of food

Baghdad -INA - Amna Al-Salami

The Ministry of Trade confirmed that it has a strategic stockpile of foodstuffs, warning against being dragged into rumors aimed at raising prices.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Muhammad Hanoun, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The ministry has sufficient strategic storage, and there are large quantities of wheat in the warehouses, which are sufficient for a year," pointing out that "there are pledges from national origins to secure sugar and oil." Food and lack of food shortages. "

He pointed out that "the reason for the high prices of foodstuffs in the local markets is due to the rumors that some disaffected people about storing quantities of foodstuffs due to concerns about. The spread of the Corona virus, "noting that" these rumors prompted citizens to shop heavily because of the fear of food shortages. "

He added that "following up on local markets is not the prerogative of the Ministry of Commerce according to the law," stressing that "the materials included in the foodstuff card, such as sugar, oil, food, flour and rice, are available in stores."