Al-Jubouri: We will support the Iraqi Media Network for its national role

Thursday 05th March 2020 - 13:58

Al-Jubouri: We will support the Iraqi Media Network for its national role

Baghdad - INA

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that it will support the Iraqi Media Network for its national role.

The head of the committee, Haitham al-Jabouri, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The coming period will witness the provision of financial allocations to the network, because of its great role in transferring cultures that affect the Iraqi people," noting that "the role of the media network is not different He has two, especially in the current circumstances, which the country is going through, and support must be provided that is appropriate for such an institution.”

Al-Jubouri added that "the Finance Committee held an expanded meeting, in which it discussed ways to provide the necessary needs for the network, which can be supported to fully advance its duties," noting that "the parliamentary finance will work during the coming period to allocate funds for the network, especially for drama and sports and political programs."

He pointed out that "the requirements of the Iraqi media network are not high-cost, and have no significant impact on the state treasury," noting that "state institutions will be directed to allocate the equivalent of 50% of their ads to be exclusive to the Iraqi media network."

The first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, had renewed yesterday, Wednesday, his request to the cabinet to provide full financial and moral support to the Iraqi media network, as it is the state channel, which must focus on full attention and priority, stressing his direct communication with the Minister of Finance Fouad Hussein regarding ending Physical problems that the network suffers from and securing its employees ’allocations, supplies and fuel to the mechanisms operating there.