Procedural and financial problems hinders the election date

Thursday 05th March 2020 - 13:08

Procedural and financial problems hinders the election date

Baghdad - INA - Nour al-Zaidi

The Al-Fateh Alliance emphasized the difficulty of holding early elections due to procedural and financial problems that hindered the election date.

Member of Parliament MP Ahmad Al-Kinani said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The political forces have no problem in conducting the elections within the specified period," noting that "there are obstacles hindering the holding of elections at the present time."

He explained that "conducting the elections requires money, especially since the general budget has not been approved until now," noting that "the absence of consensus will cause the government to be disrupted and the difficulty of preparing matters in terms of logistics to conduct the elections."

Al-Kinani called for "the speedy selection of the costly government," noting that "the achievement of the reform cannot be completed within the short period in the presence of challenges and compromise."

The Council of Plenipotentiaries said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency : "The conduct of a fair electoral process in accordance with legal and international standards requires the acceleration of the House of Representatives to complete the procedures of legislation for the election law and the tables attached to it, which determine the electoral districts and the number of electoral seats for each constituency and delineate the boundaries of the electoral constituency in a manner A minute, then the commission can suggest a date for holding the elections in accordance with what is stated in the election law, bearing in mind that the appointment be as soon as possible.