Abdul Mahdi's office confirms the preparation for the qualification of the parked state factories

Sunday 01st March 2020 - 19:59

Abdul Mahdi's office confirms the preparation for the qualification of the parked state factories

Abdul Mahdi's office confirms its preparation for rehabilitating the parked state laboratories

Baghdad - INA

The Information Office of the resigned Prime Minister, Adel Abdel Mahdi, confirmed today, Sunday, during the publication of the government's achievements for a period in which Abdel-Mahdi presided over the government, his preparation for the rehabilitation and restructuring of the suspended state laboratories.

The media office of Abdul-Mahdi stated that "the government has paid special attention to the laboratories of the stopping state, and a high committee has been formed to structure these laboratories and take a decision regarding their liquidation or rehabilitation."He added that "the Ministry of Industry has opened and rehabilitated the production lines of the electric iron in the General Diyala Company, the asphalt coatings in the General Company for Mining Industries, intravenous solutions and the antibiotic production line for the Samarra Pharmaceutical Company"

In addition to that "the military industries were given special attention, as the General Company for Military Industries has rehabilitated several production lines, the most important of which are (mortar filling system, the production of anti-armour mines, drones models and the combat vehicle model from the company's own resources)," stressing, "The number of profitable companies increased to three companies." Compared to one company in the past year, the number of profitable factories reached (29) factories compared to (19) factories for the year 2018 and achieving revenues from exporting products up to (19) billion dinars for the first half of the year from the products of the General Company for Mining Industries and it is planned to increase exports During the next year 2020, the foundation stone was laid for three new projects in the Badush Cement Complex in Nineveh Governorate, where the number of contracts signed with the private sector with a view to qualifying and operating factories according to investment opportunities and partnerships reached (67) participation contracts in force and (10) contracts for rehabilitation and operation and ( 4) Qualification and leasing contracts.