Corona cancels Elisa’s concert in Iraq

Sunday 01st March 2020 - 19:40

Corona cancels Elisa’s concert in Iraq

Baghdad-INA- Haider al-Naimi

The performer of the Lebanese singer Elissa announced the postponement of her concert, which was scheduled to take place in the governorate of Erbil on the nineteenth of this month and in conjunction with the holidays of Nowruz.

The party's sponsor, Hassan Turkmani, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the ceremony was postponed due to the directives that the Kurdistan Region of Iraq launched to avoid the danger of an outbreak of the Corona virus emerging in human settlements."

Al-Turkmani added that, "given the current situation in Iraq, and in compliance with the instructions and directions issued by the Kurdistan government and the Ministry of Health and who notices, and in order to preserve the safety of attendance from the globally contagious infection with Corona virus, an official book has been issued that includes the cancellation of all celebrations, gatherings and parties in the Kurdistan region."