BPA: Trade with Iran continues with vehicle owners who are undergoing a medical examination

  • 22-02-2020, 13:36
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    Baghdad – INA

    Border Ports Authority confirmed today, Saturday in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), President of the Border Ports Authority, Omar Al-Waeli, said: "The meetings of the Special Committee to Combat Corona Virus, according to presidential Order 55 of 2020, are continuing and at a high rate to discuss taking some additional preventive measures to combat Corona virus entry into the country."

    "The meeting took a series of binding directives, including stressing that the commercial movement between the two countries continues, provided that the owners of vehicles involved in commercial exchange are subject to medical examination and take the necessary preventive measures."

    Al-Waeli added that "the procedures also include subjecting Iraqi travellers to examination by the medical detachments located in the border crossings, and preventing receiving Iranian and foreign travellers alike during a period of (3) days to find out the latest developments regarding the disease," noting that "the meeting committee I advised the Iraqis not to travel to Iran in the interest of their safety. "