MOI reveals to INA its exploration plans

Saturday 22nd February 2020 - 15:58

MOI reveals to INA its exploration plans

Baghdad - INA

The Ministry of Oil revealed details of its exploration plans in the field of oil and gas fields.

A spokesman for the ministry, Assem Jihad, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The ministry has taken care of this sector by establishing a number of seismic teams, and they have been involved in internal and external courses," noting that "these teams are currently working with the latest technologies in this field, Including what is called a two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

He explained that "the teams conduct surveys of the lands, which are expected to include hydrocarbon compositions", pointing out that "the work of the Petroleum Exploration Company is to diagnose and identify exploration patches, and to install the discoverer so that it can then be referred to extractive companies specialized in developing these patches to productive fields, whether oil or Gaseous. "

Jihad added, "The Petroleum Exploration Company has achieved great development and obtained the ISO international certificate," explaining that "in the year 2019, the company implemented 10 seismic survey programs, 5 of which are in the three dimension and the other 5 in the two dimension."

He added that "the seismic difference carried out a total of (3739) km in length from the total plan for the year 2019, which is (3680) km in length in the two dimensions, and an area of ​​(1343) km has been implemented in the three dimensions in Majnoon field, and the rest of the other regions", noting that "A contract was also executed between the National Company and Russia's Lukoil Company, to conduct a seismic survey of the three dimensions of the Block 10 program for the benefit of Russia's Lukoil Company, with a workload of 797 km and a period of time less than 6 months contracted."