Legal Expert explains Abdul Mahdi options after March

  • 19-02-2020, 13:27
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    Legal expert Tariq Harb confirmed that no constitutional vacuum would take place in the event that resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi resorted to the solutions stipulated in the internal system of the Cabinet.

    “The solutions stipulated for the resigned Prime Minister after the second of March are either interruption in the period and not continuing to manage his duties in the conduct of daily business or retirement from taking his own actions or travelling outside Iraq,” Harb said to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He added that "in the event of the discontinuation or traveling of Abdul-Mahdi, there is no constitutional vacuum in the presence of two deputies for him, who will replace him is the first deputy and in his absence also will replace the second deputy in the caretaker administration until the formation of the new government,"

    He referred to the incapacity of the resigned Prime Minister to present a proposal to dissolve the Parliament, stressing that "the constitution provided for the approval of the President of the Republic to dissolve the Parliament,"