MOP: a reduction in poverty rates in Iraq

Sunday 16th February 2020 - 17:49

MOP: a reduction in poverty rates in Iraq

Baghdad -INA

"The poverty rates have witnessed a slight decrease in their rates during the past two years, compared to what was recorded in 2014, after the double crisis (security and economic), which Iraq was exposed to in the year," the ministry’s official spokesman, Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi, said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA). Mentioned, "noting that" the ministry carried out a survey at the end of 2018 that showed the poverty rate has decreased to (20%) after it recorded (22.5%) in 2014. "

He added that these "percentages varied between the governorates, according to the economic activity and the development movement in them.

There are some governorates in which the poverty rate decreased, others rose and some maintained the same level," explaining that "measuring poverty indicators depends on multiple dimensions, among them, health, housing and education." Income and the need for food, and according to these dimensions, the Ministry launched the National Poverty Reduction Strategy for Iraq for the years 2018-2022, which aims to reduce the poverty rate to 16% at the end of the life of this strategy, which is the second after the first strategy that contributed to reducing the poverty rate from 23 % Of the year 2010 to 15% by the end of the year  2013, but due to the double crisis in 2014, the percentage has risen again to 22.5%.