Immigration reveals numbers of camps and displaced people

Sunday 16th February 2020 - 13:09

Immigration reveals numbers of camps and displaced people

Baghdad - INA

The Ministry of Immigration and Displaced revealed the numbers of camps inside and outside Iraq and the number of displaced people there.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, Ali Abbas Jahakir, said in a statement singled out by the Iraqi News Agency : "The number of camps for the displaced in Iraq is now (86), after the number (184) and inhabited by about (68) thousand displaced, distributed in a picture Varying between (40) and (4000) families in each of these camps established in the Kurdistan Region, Nineveh and Anbar mainly in other provinces, at least.

He added that "the displaced people to the region's camps are from the areas of Sinjar and Nineveh, and they are the largest number," noting that "the number of camps in Anbar Governorate is large, but the numbers of their residents are few because the percentage of returnees to their areas of residence is 95% and the rest are. Security, or their residential areas are destroyed. "