An investment project to support livestock

Monday 10th February 2020 - 17:09

An investment project to support livestock

Baghdad - INA - Karar Khalil - Amna al-Salami

Photo by Safaa Alwan

Among the palm trees scattered around the city of Al-Madaen, south of Baghdad, the spatial citizen (Haji Salam) found his role in establishing an investment project in the field of poultry and table eggs, which contributes to encouraging the national product, and despite the presence of some obstacles such as: the scarcity of vaccines and the effects of climate, however, This did not prevent him from completing his project whose production capacity reached 1000 egg cartons daily.

The work obstacles are many, but they are fused to the will and determination which encouraged Abu Salam to overcome it and create this project, Abu Salam says to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Despite the many challenges, we worked with determination and determination to make the project successful, which amounts to It covers an area of ​​forty acresand produces approximately 1,000 egg cartons per day, and it is considered one of the important projects in this region, as it will contribute to supporting the national economy.