Al-Hassani: Our plans to prevent the imports have contributed to supporting the national product

Monday 10th February 2020 - 15:57

Al-Hassani: Our plans to prevent the imports have contributed to supporting the national product

Baghdad - INA

The Minister of Agriculture, Saleh Al-Hassani, confirmed today, Monday, that the ministry's plans to prevent importation contributed to supporting the national product.

A statement by the ministry received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) stated, "Al-Hassani, during the attendance of the seminar, which was held by the Economic Council and in the presence of the Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Dr. Haitham Al-Jabouri, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Water Salam Al-Shammari, a number of deputies, a member of the advisory board Hussein Al-Wasiti and Advisor to the Prime Minister Mali Mazhar. Muhammad Saleh, Advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture, Mahdi Al-Qaisi, and the general managers in the ministry, in addition to the President of the General Union of Peasant Associations, a number of agricultural investors, farmers, and poultry producers, and a number of those interested in the economic affairs, indicating the agricultural sector and its prospects for development, as well as the role of the Ministry in the advancement of this sector, both plant and animal.

He added that "the minister stressed that the forum is important and represents securing the pillars of food security for the country on the prospects for developing the agricultural process, pointing out that" the ministry's strategic plans have made great achievements by providing many plant and animal products, as a result of supporting the local product, preventing import and stopping the entry of agricultural materials.

 Provided locally to the country, and that largely reflected on achieving economic growth, as well as operating manpower and absorbing unemployment, pointing out that "the ministry prevented 25 plant and animal items from importing, and was able to raise the levels of production of wheat and barley crops and reach them to the Self-sufficiency, in addition to providing payment for dates and enabling the owners of orchards to obtain a good financial return. "