Iraqi ports issue an explanation regarding a ship in Umm Qasr

Saturday 08th February 2020 - 19:20

Iraqi ports issue an explanation regarding a ship in Umm Qasr


Today, Saturday, the General Company for Iraqi Ports issued a clarification regarding the container ship anchored in the northern Umm Qasr Port.

The company stated in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "recently published pages on social media that the ports of Umm Qasr received a container ship coming from China," calling for "to be careful in reporting the news or believe it in order to preserve the country's reputation and our national wealth."

The company also explained that "the Minister of Transport, after announcing the disease in official channels, issued a directive to open an operations room in the ports that includes the security and health security authorities concerned with the preventive work against the disease," stressing that "Iraqi ports operate according to international contexts to receive incoming ships from all parts of the country and in cooperation and coordination with Supporters.”

The company pointed out that "no ship is docked on the port berths without conducting integrated checks of the marine crews through the health committees represented in the ports by the Ministry of Health, and that everything related to the security and health of the citizen is related to government agencies operating in accordance with fundamental procedures," noting that " Ports do not lead to any coming ships until official and health clearances are obtained in the ship's waiting area in the middle of the sea.

added to that "the ship obtained health examination certificates for it and its crews from the ports of Malaysia and the port of Jebel Ali in the Emirates and the official communications in this regard are attached in this explanatory statement and that the said vessel did not come from China directly."