Preventive measures for foreign companies in Iraq

  • 8-02-2020, 12:38
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     Maysan - INA- Saad Hassan

    The Maysan Health Department conducted field visits to follow up the preventive measures in foreign companies related to the Corona virus.

    The official spokesman for Maysan Health, Muhammad Qasim Al-Kinani, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The teams of the Governorate Health Department, under the direct supervision of the Director of Maysan Health Department, Dr. Ali Mahmoud Al-Alaq, conducted inspection visits to monitor the work of foreign oil companies working in the province and see their preventive measures Against the Corona virus, "noting that" two teams from the department went to visit the Chinese companies Petrogina and Synoc, and an expanded meeting was held with representatives of the oil company

    Maysan and representatives of Chinese companies to discuss providing equipment and early preparedness to combat respiratory diseases, including the emerging corona virus. "