New five cases of corona in France

Saturday 08th February 2020 - 15:32

New five cases of corona in France

Follow-up INA

French Minister of Health, Annis Buzan, has announced the registration of 5 new infections in France with the deadly Corona virus, all of which belong to British citizens who dealt with someone who was in Singapore.

The Minister stressed during a press conference today, Saturday, that there is a child among the injured who confirmed that they are not in a serious condition. This brings the total number of people infected with the virus in France to 11. She explained that the newly infected group formed "a cluster, a grouping around one original case."

Busan continued: "The original case was known to us last night. It is for a Briton who returned from Singapore, where he stayed from January 20 to 23, and he arrived in France on January 24 and stayed for 4 days."

She added that the new cases were in the mountainous Savoie region in eastern France. The official Chinese authorities announced that the death toll of the deadly corona virus in the country had risen to 722 deaths, while 34.5 thousand cases have been recorded so far.