Exclusively to INA: The Iranian ambassador discloses the content of Soleimani’s message before his death

  • 4-02-2020, 11:44
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    Baghdad - INA - Muhammad Salim

    The Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Iraj Masjedi, revealed the contents of the message carried by the former commander of the Quds Force, Lieutenant-General Qassem Soleimani , before his death.

    "the  reason for coming Soleimani to Iraq is to deliver a message that represents Tehran's position on the Iraq initiative," he said in a special interview with the Iraqi News Agency , noting that "the message included Iran's vision in fighting terrorism, spreading peace and security, love, and achieving stability and security in Region".

    He added that "Tehran welcomes Iraq’s role in seeking to resolve outstanding issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia and regional issues," noting that "the Iraqi government has played a constructive role in the region and we welcome any effort to reduce tension."

    Masjidy indicated that his country is willing to settle the differences and challenges between Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as soon as possible, stressing, "His government welcomes any effort to solve these problems, whether from Iraq or any other country in the region."


    Iranian response

    "My targeting of the American forces at Ein al-Assad base came similarly in response to the fact that the United States assassinated the two martyrs Soleimani and the Al Muhandes on Iraqi soil by using their bases at the region level," he said, stressing that "choosing the base of Ein al-Assad as a target for the response does not mean violating Iraqi sovereignty."

    He added that "the American bases in Iraq had a role in the crime of assassinating Soleimani," noting that "the planes that targeted Soleimani and Al Muhandes were not launched from America but rather from bases within the region and chose Iraqi lands to commit this crime."

    Tehran warns

    The two mosques of the United States warned against the repetition of such acts, adding, "If we want to put an end to the repetition of such incidents, then the Americans should stop interfering in the affairs of the region and dismantle their bases as a place to manage this criminal behavior."

     And my mosque warned that "in the event that the United States commits another crime, Iran will respond to it again," adding that "Washington and its bases in the region are responsible for any attack on Iran."

    The Iranian ambassador called on "the governments of the region not to complain about Iran, but rather complain to the United States and demand that it stop what it commits," noting that "Washington claimed to fight terrorism in the region and provide security, but in reality it is the one who assassinated the two  leaders Soleimani and the Al Muhandes.

    My mosque added that "the United States does not accept the presence of those who violate their policy, therefore they assassinate it," noting that "if other governments do not want to respond to US policy, Tehran will not be silent about its right."

    Supporting Iraq

    The Iranian ambassador reiterated his country's support for stability in Iraq, stressing, "Tehran welcomes the appointment of Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to form a new government that meets the aspirations and aspirations of the Iraqi people."