Iraq and Belgium discuss reducing US-Iran tensions

Monday 03rd February 2020 - 15:01

Iraq and Belgium discuss reducing US-Iran tensions


Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali Al-Hakim met his Belgian counterpart Phillipe Goffin and discussed the enhancements of bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields to achieve common interests.

"We discussed political and security developments at local, regional and international levels as we stressed the importance of everyone's respect for the sovereignty of Iraq in addition to and supporting the efforts to eliminate terrorism and reconstruction,” said al-Hakim during a joint conference.

Al-Hakim condemned the attacks that targeted locations inside the Iraqi territories, usually as a violation of the sovereignty of Iraq, and to the provisions of international law.

“We agreed on the importance of continues cooperation in the field of combating terrorism and extremism as well as, working to remove the reasons for Daesh return, and cooperation on foreign," added al-Hakim.