Australia awaits the Iraqi dates

Monday 03rd February 2020 - 15:05

Australia awaits the Iraqi dates


Minister of Agriculture Salih Al-Hassani and the Australian ambassador in Baghdad Joan Ludence discussed the developments of agricultural cooperation between the two friendly countries, including the import of Iraqi dates.

Al-Hassani stressed that the ministry requested the attendance of a working group from Australia to identify the required specifications, determine the quantities and discuss the logistical issues related to export, especially after the strides made by the ministry and effective plans in addition to the return of farmers to their previously abandoned orchards and the achievement of appropriate economic feasibility for them and the establishment of a scientific center specialized in developing the palm sector as well as, the production of dates within the horticultural department.

In turn, the Australian ambassador confirmed to follow up the file of importing Iraqi dates and activating cooperation in the field of exchanging experiences and contributing to supporting the ministry's role in addition to setting agricultural plans to increase production quantities and reach the threshold of self-sufficiency, noting that "there are many countries looking to cooperate with the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture because of its successful agricultural work,"