Saeroun: We will not interfere in the nomination of the new Prime Minister

Thursday 30th January 2020 - 15:38

Saeroun: We will not interfere in the nomination of the new Prime Minister

Baghdad - INA

Saeroun Alliance reaffirmed that it had not entered into discussions with political blocs to nominate the candidate for prime minister. The representative of the coalition, Ghayb al-Amiri, told INA: "The coalition has not partnered with any political party to name the prime minister, and I entrust this task to the masses."

Al-Amiri called on "all media outlets to be cautious about transmitting information, and not to delude the Iraqi people with false news." Earlier, the Alliance of Saeroun warned against the continuation of procrastination and procrastination on the file of choosing the candidate for the new government, stating that the issue of nominating a person for the position of presidency of the interim government was long overdue and that all political blocs have agreed to expedite the resolution of this file because of the repercussions it has had negatively on the local reality in various Its sides. "

While the director of the media office of the President of the State of Law Coalition, Hisham Al-Rikabi, indicated in a tweet that the position of the coalition among the candidates for prime minister is not to object to any figure who possesses political and popular acceptability and enjoys the specifications proposed by the supreme religious authority.

Other deputies expressed their hope that the president of the republic would be the one who initiated the initiative to nominate a person according to the specifications of the demonstration yards (independent - efficient - non-dialectical) that could lead the country to safety, and to form a strong government that would take it upon itself to fulfill the legitimate demands of peaceful demonstrators.

Stressing the need not to continue procrastination in the matter of the nomination of the Prime Minister.