Iraq and NATO discuss new form of relations

Wednesday 29th January 2020 - 19:09

Iraq and NATO discuss new form of relations


Commander-in-Chief of Iraqi Armed Forces Spokesman, Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, revealed a meeting held in Baghdad with representatives of NATO.

"The National Security Adviser Falih Al-Fayyad chaired a meeting attended by representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MOFA and joint operations from the Iraqi side, while representatives from NATO attended, to discuss the shape of the new relations with NATO, in addition to other options," said Khalaf said to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

He added that the argument of Iraq and its position make clear about it, stressing that the government wants a partnership built on respect to Iraqi lands, that anything goes by the knowledge and consent of the Iraqi side.

Khalaf also pointed out that the meeting did not address the aspect of operations, but rather included aspects of training and support in addition to other issues.

"One of the options is to have a new form of a specific partnership with NATO when it is needed for them in the fight against terrorism that will be on the orders of the Iraqi side," warned Khalaf.