Al-Hanin: The government is working to end importing gas

Monday 27th January 2020 - 20:06

Al-Hanin: The government is working to end importing gas

 Baghdad - INA - Nassar al-Hajj

Advisor to the Prime Minister Abdel-Hussein Al-Hanin confirmed today, Monday, that the government is working to complete the gas system to end the import file.

Al-Hanin said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency : "Iraq must invest all its potentials and energy in oil and gas," noting that "the process of completing the gas system in Iraq has been launched from the south to the north, and the government is working to get rid of the import of gas in a way Year".

Al-Hanin added that "Iraq is supposed to be the real investor of the gas and that the imported gas is supposed to be when needed and is not the basis", indicating that "there are important steps that the Ministry of Oil has been undertaking for a long time, and there are specific schedules for accessing gas production with an estimated 3,500 suppressed, This is important to increase electrical energy, increase the efficiency of gas units, reduce pollution, as well as reduce large amounts.

The advisor to the Prime Minister added that "there are no real barriers to launching the fifth license to complete oil investment projects, which will be subject to the balance of supply and demand, the market and competition, and to achieve the highest resources for Iraq," stressing that "there is no scientific controversy about this license, and it is assumed that there is encouragement for this step To invest in Iraqi oil and gas, as it is an important step in providing the economy with new financial resources by investing all Iraqi imports, including oil and gas.