Al-Kaabi stresses the need to reject violence and extremism

Monday 27th January 2020 - 17:13

Al-Kaabi stresses the need to reject violence and extremism

Baghdad - INA

Today, Monday, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan Al-Kaabi stressed the need for clerics to exercise their role in uniting the ranks and reject violence and extremism.

A statement of his media office, received by the Iraqi News Agency , stated that "the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives received in his office the president of the Iraqi Scholars Group, Sheikh Dr. Khaled Al-Mulla, in the presence of the deputies, head of the Alliance of Nation Party, Nabil Al-Rafei and MP Alaa Al-Rubaie.

The moderate media by scholars, thinkers, and clerics who have the largest role in making civilization and culture for societies, and most important in building the human intellectually and scientifically.

He added that "Iraq is now going through a very dangerous stage, and that there are various ideological trends and tones that have increased, so the role of religious schools must be emphasized, as well as" modern curricula be devoted to class unity, the rejection of extremism, and respect for democratic systems, and that democracy is not just an approach or slogans but rather We must work in accordance with this system to establish a just, peaceful and equal country. "