Al-Kaabi: Parliamentary decisions allow redrafting security agreements

Sunday 26th January 2020 - 17:09

Al-Kaabi: Parliamentary decisions allow redrafting security agreements


First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi, confirmed that the parliamentary decision will allow the government to reformulate all security agreements with the global system. 

This came during his meeting with the German Deputy Minister of Defense, Markus Grupple, and the German Ambassador, Ole Del in the presence of the head of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Mohammad Reza Al Haider, according to a statement of al-Kaabi media office to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

“The million-demonstrations embarrassed the US administration, headed by Trump, and that the undeniable level of the popular rejection towards the presence of US troops along with the policies and behaviour pursued by the US president with Iraq,” said al-Kaabi.

He also noted that Washington has endeavoured by all means and media capabilities to weaken the demonstrations yet, it didn’t succeed while the people have spoken their mind in front of the whole wide world.

“The million-demonstration came to confirm the courageous parliamentary decision that includes the evacuation of foreign troops from the country,” added al-Kaabi, pointing out that the demonstration statement set a road map for scheduling the withdrawal of US troops, stressing the coordination with the government to implement the items through peaceful, diplomatic, political and parliamentary frameworks.