Laibi: The Fao is a global economic zone

Saturday 25th January 2020 - 22:50

Laibi: The Fao is a global economic zone

 Baghdad - INA - Ismail Al-Ghalibi

 The Minister of Transport, Abdullah Laibi, announced that the ministry is adopting making the Fao a peninsula for a global economic zone that includes the port and an integrated economic zone, noting that the port of Al-Fao is linked to the establishment of that auxiliary area, the land road and the residential city for port workers.

Laibi said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency "After a decision by the Council of Ministers, we acquired the land for the Faw-Basra railway line with a length of 100 km for free from the Ministry of Finance and Municipalities. 

These acquisitions are one of the standard documents required for inclusion in the state's investment plan, so we went to the Ministry  Planning an integrated project for the railway.