Al-Rafidian operations direct its parts to redeploy

Saturday 25th January 2020 - 18:58

Al-Rafidian operations direct its parts to redeploy

Dhi Qar-INA

Today, Saturday, the Rafidain Operations Command directed its parts to redeploy in the governorates that witnessed the withdrawal of the demonstrators.

"We directed the redeployment of the security forces inside the areas from which the demonstrators withdrew," he added, noting that "the security forces will not allow the cutting of roads or burning tires and abuse under any name."

He added that "the security situation in all governorates is very good except for Dhi Qar Governorate, and there are still a number of demonstrators on the international road," noting that "it was agreed with the leaders of the demonstrations in Dhi Qar to open part of the road for passenger vehicles and food wheels."

The Dhi Qar Police Command announced, today, Saturday, that the Dhi Qar police chief and a number of security personnel were injured after being struck by stones by untreated elements.

A statement of the police leadership received by the Iraqi News Agency stated that "Dhi Qar Police and Operations Command, in agreement with Dr. Alaa Al-Rikabi and a number of peaceful demonstrators, agreed to open an alternative road for the passage of emergency cases instead of the international road that was closed," noting that "and during that There was chaos and exposure to the police from the escapees, which led to the injury of the police chief and a number of police officers after they were exposed to stones. "