Marja’: New government formation is long overdue constitutionally

Friday 24th January 2020 - 15:01

Marja’: New government formation is long overdue constitutionally


Representative of supreme Religious Authority – Marja’ Sayyed Ahmed al-Safi delivered the second sermon on Friday and it included,

“Dear brothers and sisters,


We summarize for you the positions of the religious authority regarding the current issues in the country, as reported by His Eminence’s Office in Najaf:


First: The religious authority affirms its principled position on the necessity of respecting the sovereignty of Iraq, the independence of its political decision, its territorial integrity, and its categorical rejection of what affects these national principals from any party and under any pretext. The citizens have the full right to express freedom in ‘peaceful ways’ and demands of what they may find it necessary to maintain national sovereignty away from external dictates.


Second: The religious authority also stresses the necessity of implementing the real reforms that the people have long demanded and many sacrifices were made in order to achieve, and considers that procrastination in this matter will only lead to more suffering of citizens and prolonging the insecurity and political instability in the country.


Third: The formation of the new government is long overdue constitutionally, for it is necessary for the various concerned parties to cooperate to end this according to the bases mentioned above, as it is an important step in terms of resolving the current crisis.


The religious authority calls once again on all Iraqi parties to be aware of the risks that surround their homeland in this difficult time and to unite them with a unified position on the main issues and the crucial challenges facing them, taking into account the higher interests of the Iraqi people, present and future, and May Allah give us success.”