MOFA renews commitments to the diplomatic missions sanctity

Wednesday 22nd January 2020 - 16:20

MOFA renews commitments to the diplomatic missions sanctity


Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MOFA renewed its commitment to the sanctity of diplomatic missions as not to jeopardize its safety.

“MOFA expressed its rejection and condemnation to the bombing of unknown missiles that targeted US embassy,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed al-Sahaf in a statement to Iraqi News Agency INA.

According to the statement, MOFA confirmed the security authorities have taken all measures, and make every effort to prosecute the perpetrators, in order to refer them to the judiciary.

The statement also included that MOFA is following up with the security concerned authorities for the investigation to find out who caused this attack, and we stress that such actions will not affect the diplomatic work that Iraq attaches great importance to, because of its impact on bridging relations between Baghdad and the countries of the world in addition to the mutual protection and bilateral interests.