Seven representative committees in a workshop related to the law of information crime

  • 21-01-2020, 15:40
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     Oman- INA

    Seven representative committees participated in an international workshop specialized in information crime law under international supervision with the government side in Amman.

    The correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA) stated, "The media and communications committees, security and defense, services, culture, financial, legal, economics and investment, participated in the workshop, which is hoped to continue for three days and discuss the draft of the information crime law."

    He added that "it will be aimed at following a law under the legislation in international norms by benefiting from the global experiences and the countries that preceded us in this important information field through the development of the communications and information sector in Iraq as well as eliminating cyber crime with modern legal frameworks subject to the international compatibility system with the benefit of Jordan's experience in this field. "