Cabinet decisions in Tuesday's session

Tuesday 21st January 2020 - 18:24

Cabinet decisions in Tuesday's session

 Baghdad - INA

According to the statement of the Information Office of the Prime Minister, the Council approved the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy according to the following: Proven in the records of the Ministry of Oil as support for the Energy Police Directorate and the necessity of the stage that requires the concerted efforts of all state institutions.

The Cabinet decided to give the Prime Minister the authority to approve the accompanying proposals in conjunction with amendments to them regarding conducting the general census of the population.

And it was agreed to amend paragraph (6) of Cabinet Resolution (340 of 2019) to become according to the following: 900,000 nine hundred thousand unemployed persons who do not have the ability to work monthly grants 175,000 dinars only one hundred and seventy five thousand dinars per person for a period of three months provided that They are within the poverty line stipulated in the Social Protection Law.

The Council of Ministers agreed to terminate the work of the ministerial committee formed according to Cabinet Resolution No. (361 of 2016) regarding the mechanism for appointing deputy ministers and general managers for the existence of a committee composed for the same purpose under the Diwaniya Order (199) issued under the Prime Minister’s Office letter.