Trump praises his country's relationship with China

Tuesday 21st January 2020 - 16:15

Trump praises his country's relationship with China


US President Donald Trump praised his country's current level of relations with China.

Trump said in a speech at the "Davos" economic forum that our relationship with China is at its best after it witnessed a difficult stage, noting that the first stage agreement signed with Beijing will secure the United States about 200 billion dollars in the next two years, as China will spend it on agricultural services and commodities. American.

He pointed out that the trade agreement with China set a number of standards to ensure the application of the law, and Beijing agreed to take measures related to intellectual property protection. He added, that Washington and Beijing will continue trade negotiations, so most of the US duties on Chinese goods will remain imposed.

US President Donald Trump was proud of the accomplishments achieved during his presidency, noting that his country was able to conclude "excellent" trade deals with many countries of the world, including China. He explained that the United States is witnessing economic growth that the world has not seen before, as unemployment rates have declined in the country and the economy has improved.