Around 14 officers injured in Tahrir Square

Monday 20th January 2020 - 17:18

Around 14 officers injured in Tahrir Square


Security Media Cell – SMC announced that 14 officers were wounded by a group of terror suspects at the entrance to Tahrir Square, Baghdad.

“While the security forces performed their duties to protect the demonstrators and secure the entrance to Tahrir Square from the Cordoba intersection, a group of violent hooligans vandalized the sidewalks of the streets, uprooted stones and threw it at the security forces," stated SMC to Iraqi News Agency INA.

"This act resulted in the injury of 14 officers, and their injuries were in the head, and the commander of the third brigade, First Division of the Federal Police suffered a fracture to his left leg, and all were transferred to nearby hospitals," included the statement.

Despite these actions, the security forces continued to exercise restraint and to follow their assigned security duties, added SMC.