Khalaf: Iraq has an air force capable of securing and protecting its airspace

Friday 17th January 2020 - 15:12

Khalaf: Iraq has an air force capable of securing and protecting its airspace

Baghdad - INA

The spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, confirmed that Iraq has an air force capable of securing and protecting its airspace.

Khalaf said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency : There are no concerns about securing Iraqi airspace after the withdrawal of the American forces because Iraq has F-16s in addition to Sikhoys and various other planes," noting that "Iraq has means of reconnaissance and monitoring." Large enables him to detect any breach of military headquarters.

He added that the PMF is an important part of the defense system and it is under the command of the Commander in Chief and any party carrying out armed action that we will reciprocate, arrest, and present to the judiciary," noting that "the Iraqi government has warned against attacking some of the PMF's hardware stores."

On the mechanism that the government will use to remove foreign forces, Khalaf indicated that "the presence of the American forces came on the basis of a memorandum submitted to the United Nations and the International Security Council calling for the formation of a coalition to support the Iraqi forces in the face of the terrorist gangs of Daesh, which was threatening the entire region and it was agreed to That, adding that after the victory over the Daesh  gangs, Iraq submitted requests for the exit of those forces, according to a memorandum submitted by former Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari to end the coalition's work and stressed that Iraq would not entail any financial and political commitment.

And that "Iraq is a partner with the international alliance and that any movement on the level of air sorties through Iraqi airspace does not take place until after the approval of the government, but we were surprised recently by the air strike carried out by the American planes in Qaim, which resulted in the martyrdom and wounding of 90 members of the PMF under the pretext Their forces are being targeted by an armed faction.