Minister of Oil plans to export more than 8 million barrels per day

Monday 13th January 2020 - 17:53

Minister of Oil plans to export more than 8 million barrels per day

Baghdad - INA

The Minister of Oil, Thamer Al-Ghadban, confirmed that the ministry is continuing to achieve a technological and economic shift and upgrading the levels of oil and gas production.

A statement of the Ministry of Oil, received by the Iraqi News Agency  said today, Monday, that Minister Thamer Al-Ghadban attended the workshop organized by the Ministry to review the recommendations, ideas and programs that were prepared by the committee formed for this purpose, whether related to advancement in the performance and development of workers or national companies.

He added that "the ministry is proceeding to achieve a technological, economic, administrative and human shift, through proper work and planning to upgrade the national content, in order to keep pace with the great development in the global oil industry, as well as the requirements to upgrade the levels of oil and gas production in Iraq, which is planned to reach its rates of (6) 8) Millions of barrels in the next two decades.

He pointed out that the workshop reviewed the basic steps that can be taken to create a qualitative shift in the performance of workers and national companies and commitment to institutional work, through contracting with solid consulting firms or international consultants, to benefit from their experiences in developing workers and national companies.

For his part, Undersecretary for Extraction Affairs Fayyad Hassan Nima said: The aim of the workshop is to review the efforts of the committee that focused on carrying out administrative reforms to improve the management of national oil companies to reach the ranks of international oil engineering services companies, explaining that reaching the goals planned in this framework, It requires relying on modern technology, experience, training and skill.

For his part, Director of the Planning Commission at the Iraqi Drilling Company, Samir Tawfiq, stressed the importance of achieving development in the Iraqi oil and gas industry, which affects the development of the economy, infrastructure and service for the country.