Scientists are discovering a way to replenish the brain

Monday 13th January 2020 - 15:22

Scientists are discovering a way to replenish the brain

Follow up-INA

Scientists have devised a method that allows the brain stem cells to be affected and increases the number of neurons, slowing the brain aging process and restoring some of its lost intellectual capabilities.

Nature Communications reports that, with age, the brain's functional resilience is weakened, intellectual capacity and memory are impaired, and directions are determined. This is due to the low and low birth rate of new neurons generated by brain stem cells.

German scientists, headed by Professor Federico Caligari of the Center for Regenerative Therapy at the University of Dresden Technical University, decided to ensure that intellectual capabilities could be restored by increasing the number of stem cells in the brain, such as learning, memory and others. Using special injections, the researchers were able to stimulate stem cells in the laboratory hippocampus mice and increase their activity and reproduction, which led to the birth of new neurons, and thus compensated for the decline due to aging, which helped improve the capacity of brain mice.

It became clear to researchers that these new neurons not only improved intellectual capabilities, but also established connections with neighboring cells in the brain of mice. This helped improve the ability of older mice to determine direction as do young mice.