Al-Noor.. Institute turns darkness of the blinds into light

Monday 13th January 2020 - 15:08

Al-Noor.. Institute turns darkness of the blinds into light

Najaf- INA - Haider Farman

The Al-Nour Institute, one of the institutes affiliated to the Department of Special Needs Care in the province of Najaf, was able to provide humanitarian and educational services for people with visual impairment and help them in practicing their lives and confronting all walks of life and turning their darkness into a light that guides them in completing their educational journey without allowing life obstacles to stand in Their way.

In an interview with the Iraqi News Agency, the assistant director of the Department of Special Needs Care Adiba Fadel said:  The institute pays special attention to the category of the blind, and works to rehabilitate them and help them overcome difficulties, as the students of the institute obtain specific services that enable them to participate effectively in various fields

Life, including teaching them "Braille", which is the system that illuminated the path of knowledge for the visually impaired, through prominent letters that enables them to read and write by touch.

She added that the institute seeks through the services provided to people with visual challenges, to encourage them and provide them with the basic skills that make them productive individuals in society, indicating the importance of the Braille method, in encouraging the blind to learn and study, as it enables them to pass the primary and secondary stages in schools until transferring to universities ".