Al-Sudani reveals the reasons behind the high amounts allocated to the salaries in the budget

Saturday 11th January 2020 - 16:07

Al-Sudani reveals the reasons behind the high amounts allocated to the salaries in the budget

Baghdad - INA

Member of Parliament, Muhammad Shi'a Al-Sudani, revealed the reasons for the high percentage of amounts allocated for salaries in the general budget.

The Sudanese said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency: The recent decisions to return the abolished contracts from the army, the police and the PMF and appoint graduates contributed to the high percentage of the amount allocated to salaries to 14 trillion dinars.

He pointed out that the exchange rate in the budget did not exceed 70% due to the delay in approving the projects as a result of the demonstrations that took place in Baghdad and the provinces and which stopped many projects and caused permanent disruption in some state institutions. He expressed his hope that the investment budget contributes to providing services to citizens and creates opportunities Work to reduce unemployment.

He explained that the price of oil was set in the budget at $ 56 a barrel warning of the impact of tensions in the region, especially the escalation between the United States of America and Iran on global oil prices.

Al-Sudani added that the general budget for the year 2020 was delayed to be sent to parliament due to the political circumstances and the resignation of the government, as well as recent financial developments and economic challenges, although the government at its last session approved the budget and referred it to the governmental committee, noting that the parliament is awaiting the formation of the new government To review the budget and send it to it, and that according to the usual contexts, spending remains at a ratio of 1 to 12 until the general budget is approved.

And on the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, Al-Sudani indicated that there is an agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and is supposed to be included in the budget to be discussed in the House of Representatives, pointing out that Parliament has many reservations about Kurdistan's non-commitment to agreements concluded previously.