KDParty: Abdul Mahdi's visit focused on 5 files

Saturday 11th January 2020 - 15:44

KDParty: Abdul Mahdi's visit focused on 5 files

Baghdad - INA- Nassar al-Haj

The Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed the most prominent files included in the visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to Erbil.

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Majed Shankali, told the Iraqi News Agency that the Prime Minister's visit to the region discussed a number of important files, most notably the current crisis in the region as a result of the American strike near Baghdad airport, as well as the Iranian response.

Shankali added that the visit also focused on understanding and discussing what is going on in Iraq, as well as the future of the political process and agreement on choosing the prime minister, noting that the discussions also included the issue of budget and outstanding issues between the center and the region.

Our correspondent had reported that Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi had arrived in Erbil, indicating that the delegation accompanying the Prime Minister consisted of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Fuad Hussein, Foreign Minister Muhammad Ali al-Hakim, Minister of Planning Nuri al-Dulaimi, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Qusay al-Suhail and head of the Intelligence Service Mustafa Al-Kazemi.