Iraqi police 98 years of national duties

Thursday 09th January 2020 - 15:18

Iraqi police 98 years of national duties

Baghdad - INA

Ninety-eight years have passed since the establishing of the Iraqi police, and just as the members of this body celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of their ancient and important institution, the Iraqis have not forgotten the participation of their brothers on this occasion, recalling the great role they played in their different classes in defeating terrorism and liberating the land and taking the initiative role in many battles, Which security forces fought against Daesh gangs.

Combat missions.

In this regard, the Prime Minister confirmed the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi, today, Thursday, that the development of the police is one of the objectives of the government to enable it to carry out its duties and to be a bright civilized face of the state.

A statement of the media office of the Prime Minister, received by the Iraqi News Agency said that the federal and local police stood by and witnessed the participation of their brothers in the armed forces in the face of terrorist gangs and mixed their blood with the blood of their brothers, the martyrs and the wounded in the battles of victory, congratulating them on their brave national position recorded in history In letters of light, they performed an additional difficult task alongside their primary mission to maintain security and order, enforce the law and provide many services to the Iraqi people.