Plans to include Daesh in Iraqi history

Tuesday 07th January 2020 - 19:07

Plans to include Daesh in Iraqi history

Baghdad - INA

The Parliamentary Education Committee announced today, Tuesday, its intention to include the stage of terrorist occupation of Daesh for a number of Iraqi cities in 2014 within the history book in the academic stages.

Member of the committee Abbas Al-Zameli said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency that the Parliamentary Education Committee and the Ministry of Education proposed to include the history book, the period of Iraq’s livelihood since the occupation of Daesh terrorist gangs for a number of governorates until now.

He added, The Iraqi students and students will find, during reading and examining their history, a great difference from the history of peoples during the past ten years. And Zamili continued, The new curriculum for the history book, and if it is included in a draft law and submitted to the council of Representatives, will include the biography of the heroes who fought and martyred in the battlefields of leaders and soldiers, so that future generations will remember them.