Al-Amiri: Sovereignty restoring is the price of martyrs blood

Saturday 04th January 2020 - 23:04

Al-Amiri: Sovereignty restoring is the price of martyrs blood


Head of the Al-Fatih coalition, Hadi Al-Amiri, stated that the price of the blood of martyrs will be the end of US troops from Iraq, calling on the Parliament to take a decision in tomorrow's session to restore the sovereignty.

"The price of the blood of the innocent martyrs in Baghdad and al-Qaem will be the departure of the US troops from Iraq and achieving complete national sovereignty," Al-Amiri told Iraqi News Agency INA.

He expressed his hope that the parliament will take a decision tomorrow, to remove the US forces from Iraq, and asked the members of the parliament to "fulfil the call of the Iraqi people"

"If they do not leave, then we have no way but to resist," Al-Amiri added.

Earlier, the Speaker of the Parliament announced that the special session will be devoted to discuss the US aggression against Iraqi sovereignty.

The session is to be held on Sunday where the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi called on Parliament on Friday to hold an exceptional session based on the provisions of Article 58 of the constitution, in order to show the Iraqi official position and taking the necessary legislative decisions and appropriate measures in a manner that protects the dignity, security and sovereignty of Iraq.

Abdul-Mahdi promised that the assassination of an Iraqi military leader who has an official position is an aggression against Iraq and its people.