Al-Asadi: Ending US troops in Iraq is a necessity

Saturday 04th January 2020 - 18:15

Al-Asadi: Ending US troops in Iraq is a necessity


Member of the State of Law coalition Khaled al-Asadi confirmed that US troops in Iraq has become a major threat after the recent events.

During his participation in the funeral of the martyrs of Popular Mobilization Forces, al-Asadi told Iraqi News Agency INA that the current time needs to take decisions that are in the interest of the country and keep it apart from danger.

"The Iraqi government and the Parliament are required to end the US troops in Iraq," said al-Asadi

Earlier, PM and Commander in Chief of Armed Forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi had issued an official invitation to the Parliament to hold an exceptional session based on the provisions of Article 58 of the Constitution in order to organize the Iraqi official position and take the necessary legislative and appropriate measures to protect the dignity and security of Iraq and his sovereignty.

The Speaker of the Parliament announced that the exceptional session, scheduled for today, will be postponed to Sunday.