Salih to Le Drian: Iraq is keen on peace-building in the region

Saturday 04th January 2020 - 16:51

Salih to Le Drian: Iraq is keen on peace-building in the region


President of the Republic Barham Salih affirmed, in a telephone conversation with his French counterpart, that Iraq is keen on peace-building in the region.

The President received a phone call from his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron where they exchanged views on the rapid developments in the country and the region, according to a statement issued by the Media Office of the president to Iraqi News Agency – INA.

The statement included that Salih expressed Iraq's appreciation for the support provided by friends as a main party that supports stability in the region, stressing that "Iraq is keen to be a factor of stability and harmony in the region and the world, and not to allow the conflict to spread to its lands or turn it into an arena of disputes,"

Salih also stressed, according to the statement, "Protecting sovereignty and keep on making victories against terrorism in addition to adopt reconstruction is a priority for Iraq and the international community,"

The French President stressed his country's keenness on the stability of Iraq, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, noting that the stability of the Middle East requires action to spare Iraq from the repercussions of international and regional crises.

Macron called everyone to work to prevent Iraq from turning into a battleground between the conflicting parties in international crises, and that partners continue to support the Iraqi state and its institutions to maintain security and sovereignty.