Al-Asadi: Resistance won't stop after the death of al-Mohandis and Sulaimany

Friday 03rd January 2020 - 09:39

Al-Asadi: Resistance won't stop after the death of al-Mohandis and Sulaimany


Member of Parliament for the Al-Fatih coalition Ahmed al-Asadi confirmed today's Friday, that the resistance will not stop with the martyrdom of al-Muhandis and Sulaimany.

"The sun will not die, nor will glory descend, nor will they conceal the time of victories by assassinating Suleimany and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis," said Al-Asadi in a statement received by Iraqi News Agency - INA.

He noted that they "will remain in the conscience of the Popular Mobilization Forces and resistance and in the front sites of battles, the march is ongoing and the project will continue,"

Al-Asadi also added that "the path of Suleimany and al-Muhandis is equivalent to the actions of an entire nation and their mobility was expanding as much as the nation's wounds and sufferings and they were inspecting everyone as one same parent and they are moving on the line of patience and confrontation," noting that "the American raid that took place near Baghdad International Airport did not achieve its goals by targeting Haji Suleimany and al-Muhandis because the time of targeting leaders and symbols is over, and the next day the resistance will turn into crowds, processions, rifles, and a nation that will fall on the impact of its strikes, victories, and the target project is the forces of arrogance and domination,"

He continued, "Those who are responsible for the accident think that the assassination of al-Muhandis and Suleimany will paralyze the resistance movement and bloodshed its forehead, and it will defeat us, but this will not happen and that sacrificed will not die,"